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One-of-a-kind. Really, no two stones are exactly alike. No two pieces of jewelry that I create are exactly alike.

All my wedding, healing, tribal, and fashion jewelry is handmade, beaded, and or wire wrapped by me.

Jewelry Styles: Ethnic - Tribal -Boho – Indonesian – African – Luxurious - Wedding – Career – Statement Jewelry

I create my jewelry with the hope that handmade items are still sought after and appreciated by some people. I find that cheap poorly made mass produced items are usually of disappointing quality and not long lasting.

I painstakingly seek and purchase high quality materials to incorporated into my jewelry.

Creating meaningful jewelry with the utmost care with the intention that you find it aesthically pleasing and that it is something special just for you or for someone special.

I understand that buying jewelry is not a necessity like food, water, and shelter. No one needs jewelry.

We just want it!

I like the way gemstones look and feel on my skin. I really enjoy jewelry and I hope you enjoy my jewelry as well.

Minority and Women Owned Small Business
Manassas Park, VA, USA


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